Adel Ave, Waukee

The Progression of Waukee

The new towns springing up along the railroads all wrote letters to the editor of the Iowa Daily State Register and Waukee was not exception. All of these towns needed people to come and settle, so their letters were very flowery and enticing. This paper probably sent their...
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Waukee Plat

The First Settlers of the Town

From the recorders office at the Dallas County Court House, the first lots sold were to Irwin W. Cramer on July 9, 1869. G. B. Brown bought next in August. In September lots were sold to Wm. Overmire, Wm. Cribbs, G. A. Atwood, E. J. Noel, P. K. York and T. D. Fuller. Abigal...
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