Important Milestones

  • 1916: Election to consolidate the mine school and city school passes.
  • 1920: The Harris Coal Mine is the first mine in the area.
  • 1921: The Shuler Mine opens in Waukee.
  • 1928: The Harris Mine closes.
  • January 1929: The Waukee Public Library is established.

1916 - 1930 Blog Posts

South Side of Triangle

Businesses of the Early 1900s

General Stores: E. G. Crispin & Duncan (1900-1928), S. C. Brumfields; (G. E. Little had a jewelry store inside the Brumfield General Store) Garages: Kinney & Grosscup Auto Co. (Dodge Cars) Groceries: I. A. Kenyon Physicians: George T. McMahon; Dr. Alfred Price...
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